No matter who you are, we all have 168 hours each week. Your ability to best utilize those 168 hours will ultimately determine your success. Using self-discovery, hands-on activities and innovative concepts, throughout this high energy training program, participants will learn how to get better control of their time and their life in general.

From setting achievable life and work related goals to learning how to more efficiently and effectively control their time and resources. The program also stresses on the importance of planning and prioritising, dealing with and controlling interruptions, setting boundaries and managing stress.


Participants are going to get following learning benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will be able to better organize themselves and their workspace for better efficiency.
‣ They will be able to take control of their time and make improvements to their work habits.
‣ Eventually when you are aware of the importance of managing their time they will become a better, productive and efficient professionals at their organizations.


This course of for everyone and anyone who wants to learn skills to improve how they manage their time in order to maximise their potential is invited to attend. Specially for those working in an office environment with time work schedules and deadlines. This time & task management one day training course will help delegates & participants increase work effectiveness and productivity, achieve greater control of their daily activities and overcome stress.