This training course focuses on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of presentations & provides a solid ground in the processes / practices of an effective presenting. If you are looking for advanced training materials with more attention paid to delivering persuasive business presentations, you might like to consider attending this training course. We will not only teach & train but also provide the course material to be used later.
Participants will learn how to plan a presentation keeping the audience in mind, how to use ‘attention grabbers’ to enhance their openings, how to develop effective visual aids, how to use several methods and tools for presenting effectively.


Participants are going to get following learning benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will be able to design, plan deliver and execute presentations better.
‣ They will be able to fix the little errors to be able to present like a corporate professional.
‣ They will be able understand that as a professional they are always presenting themselves, their work and their organization at their work and outside their work area.


This course is for everyone and anyone who wants to learn skills to improve how they present formally & informally themselves at their work.
‣ Office managers
‣ Team leaders
‣ Sales managers
‣ Sales presenters
‣ Training managers
‣ Training coordinators
‣ Customer relations officers