Every second manager has a monkey problem & almost 20% of all managers find themselves in the monkey trap; This means that the manager is so busy every day, in handling a mountain of operative tasks, e-mail messages and similar items, that he no longer recognises the basic problem of “ineffectiveness” or, paradoxically, does not have any time for solving his time problem. We are all being asked to achieve higher levels of performance under increasing time pressures. Do you want to reduce time wasted and manage yourself better? Discover how to balance your time at work & home which will make an impact on retaining quality time for ‘you’ inside & outside work. If you find it difficult to manage your tasks within the available time in a day then this training is for YOU.


Participants are going to get following learning benefits by attending this training course.
‣ They will be able to understand their role as a manager and be able to manage resources rather than doing all the petty work which is supposed to be done by their subordinates.
‣ They will be able to better delegate the routine tasks and focus on the most important ones which a manager is supposed to do including the leadership things.


This training program is specially designed for following professionals to attend and acquire new skills to grow in their career.
‣ Professionals working in large teams
‣ Office managers
‣ Branch managers
‣ Team leaders
‣ Supervisors & assistant managers
‣ Department heads
‣ Managers to be in few months.