Course Overview

This fundamental course is designed and developed for professionals who are new to vibration monitoring and analysis. This course will provide in depth knowledge of why it is important to know the condition of the machine and a quick demonstration of vibration measurements and samples of data that indicate machine faults making it easy to learn about the faults and their remedies. Case studies will be presented using historical graphs to understand the process easily. The course focuses on periodic, single channel data collection and analysis for condition based maintenance programs. A foundation is established for in-depth understanding of spectrum and waveform relationships.

Participants will learn the vibration fundamentals & also learn how spectrum analysis can be used to diagnose faults.

Course Benefits

Participants are going to get the following learning benefits by attending this training course.

  • They will be equipped with the skill set to analyse the machine condition by using vibration analysis methodology.
  • They will be able to read and understand the spectrums analysis & perform vibration analysis jobs at their work more effectively.
  • They will have better understanding of the preventive/proactive maintenance.

Who Should Attend

If you have been performing vibration analysis for less than one year, or if you have been collecting vibration readings and leaving the analysis to another person, then this course is for you. This course is also designed for reliability engineers, PdM program engineers, and other maintenance staff who would like to understand condition monitoring with a focus on vibration analysis and take the ISO or ASNT exam.

  • Condition monitoring technicians & engineers
  • Rotating equipment, maintenance & reliability engineers