Course Overview

In this course participants will get an advance understanding of the functions of bearings in relation to rotating equipment, its installation, its performance, major signals/symptoms of failure and principles & practices of predictive maintenance.

Participants will use the knowledge gained in this course to: minimize bearing failures in equipment thus reducing downtime and cost; perform regular preventive maintenance on equipments; and quickly respond to bearing-related equipment and system failures. The course discusses the modes of bearing failures in equipment’s root cause analysis, how to check root cause and what methods available to eliminate them to not occur in the future again.

This course will help participants to improve the performance of rolling element bearings in all applications.

Course Benefits

Participants are going to get the following learning benefits by attending this training course.

  • They will be able to understand the common bearing failures and their causes and remedies.
  • After attending this session, they will be able to run analysis & conduct RCFA of any damaged/failed bearing independently without any support of an external consultant.
  • They will learn the technical terminology to write correct bearing failure analysis reports.

Who Should Attend

This training program is specially designed for the following professionals to attend and acquire new skills to grow in their career.

  • Condition monitoring technicians and engineers
  • Rotating equipment, maintenance and reliability engineers
  • Maintenance personnel & supervisors
  • Workshop supervisors
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Assistant Managers/Mechanicals