Dynamic Public Speaking (FD)

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Dynamic Public Speaking (FD)

Public speaking is speaking to a group of people in an organized way: to give information, influence or persuade, or to entertain the listeners. … The Ancient Greeks called public speaking rhetoric; the Romans called it oratory. Many people cite public speaking as one of their biggest fears, but with practice, you can learn to build confidence and improve your skills to enjoy public speaking for any situation. Being a good speaker is often critical for leadership positions in the world of business, community groups, government, and other settings.

Whether you have a job in communications or not you may find that you are required to speak in public. In many organizations for example, you might be expected to speak during company meetings, events, or gatherings. In other settings, such as community events, family get together, and other social events, you might need to get up in front of an audience as well. Whatever the circumstance is, public speaking is a great skill level to improve for your personal development. Some ways to deliver great speeches and great presentations to an audience is with effective speech writing; professional speakers combine critical thinking, a well-organized narrative, reasoning, research, and more to help communicate his or her ideas. Proper rehearsal techniques can help improve the flow of your presentation for your audience too. This full day interactive course is meant to equip you with the desired set of skills, you need to possess for being a smart and inspirational public speaker.


  • Conceptual Analysis of Public Speaking
  • Phenomenon of fear
  • Confidence
  • Body language
  • Content and Delivery
  • Countering difficult people
  • Handling question/answer session
  • Closing

Who should attend?
Top and Senior Managers, Departmental Heads, Spokespersons, Management Practitioners, Project Managers



Date: March 29, 2021 – March 31, 2021

Learning Investment: PKR 25,000/=

For More Information and Registration

30 Babar Block, Garden Town, Near Kalma Chowk, Lahore.

Phone: +92-42-35940943

Mobile: +92-309-8888421

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