It gives me immense pride to introduce CISD to you. The lack of vocational training institutes in Pakistan is depriving students for a chance to acquire knowledge and skills which are required to compete and sustain in today’s challenging and competitive corporate world.

The formation of such institutes is a crucial step towards Pakistan’s growing economy and ever expanding corporate sector. After years of planning and execution, my vision for CISD has been transformed. The idea behind CISD is to: provide individuals with an environment conducive to channelise their talent and hard work into productive exciting careers. The demand for individuals adept at their skills, coupled with experience is constantly increasing. We at CISD aim to facilitate such individuals by equipping them with training in areas of their needs.

I personally wish to see the graduates of our programmes successful and satisfied in their professional lives, having the outstanding experiences, skills and confidence that will set them apart from others. Because the world has become so competitive, you will have to do your best to secure your share of success.

Dr. Nadeem Kiani