‘Revolution’ means turning of the wheel and as we usher into a “new era of hope”, I am honored to introduce our College International Skills Development. Skilled people are the most important assets of a progressive society and we are determined to produce those character traits and capabilities coupled with specialized knowledge, background and skills in our students at CISD.

Nothing remains the same and so do job requirements, our project has been designed to create passion and discipline amongst our young generation by eliminating class distinctions and creating an egalitarian meritocracy. Our utmost goal is to enhance what you are deeply passionate about, what you can be the best in the world, and what drives your economic engine: provides you with an understanding of your full capabilities and refine them.

We hope that CISD will contribute towards the betterment of our economy and communities. We are determined to serve as well as help you to excel in your dream career. I am looking forward to see you to embark this journey with us from being good to great.

College of International Skills Development