Computer Application

Computer applications in education is a broad and changing term due to the breadth of the area of study and the rapid and ever-changing nature of technology. Computer applications include, but are not limited to, desktop publishing and presentations, computer use in classrooms, telecommunications and distance education, computer hardware and software, networking, lab administration, multimedia presentations, and publishing. Obviously, we cannot cover them all in just one fifteen week course. Additionally, it does not help to learn to use technology in isolation, especially when technology changes quickly and dramatically. The learning of technology must be integrated in daily classroom teaching activities within the context of educational goals for it to be meaningful. Therefore, in this course, we will incorporate an integrated approach and learn to use technology in the process of applying it to resolve teaching and learning issues. We will use problem-based learning as a channel for our exploration. We will discuss why and how to integrate computers in our teaching. I hope that by doing so, we will critically re-examine and positively transform our ways of teaching with computer and new technologies.

3 months / 6 months Certificate